08 March 2008

Calling All Advocates

This is my first autism-related video.


This is a call for responses of why you are active in autistic rights, whether by blogging, or using YouTube, or whatever you do and why you do it. It calls for a multitude of statements from our community as to why we believe the things we do and why we are worth fighting for them.

Here is my response:

We are living in a time where the voices of people long ignored are starting to be heard, if only faintly, for the first time by thousands or even millions of people. This is a movement not only for our rights, but a movement to address questions fundamental to human existence.

I blog because I can't let another moment go by where someone speaks for me.

I make videos because it is through motion and sound I most effectively communicate.

I organize because it is only through solidarity that we can achieve a better world not only for our generation, but for the generations now coming into being, and those I aim to preserve their ability to enter into being.

I make a statement not because I want to, but because I have the moral obligation to do so.

I must raise my voice, or who will defend me when I am silent?


Foresam said...

Shut up and have yourself chelated.

Patrick said...

I am active due to the fact that more than 30 years ago I tried to report my problems and they had no help for me.

There is still no quality help available. (Evidenced in part by the brattitude shown by the above anonymous cowards disclosure behind his profile link.)

laurentius rex said...

John Best

Rant as you will, I'd play you a round of golf, and I would hope you would do me the privelege in return of fencing with me cos I would defeat you as soundly as Frostie defeated Savundra, and I don't know whether you have the intellectual nous to comprehend what I am talking about.

I am both literal and metaphorical, because I could for all my physical disabilities still thrash you :)

If you are up for it, let's put it on you tube. My conditions it takes place on English soil and you don't whine about your bruises afterwards.

Heck it's not as if I am Bruce Lee.

You can say what you like about me, I have ecological validity, if you even had the thirdest sense of what I am on about.

It's respect John, and you have to earn it.

geosaru said...

John Best, I used to find you offensive. Then I found you humorous. Now you're just tiresome.

Anonymous said...

Hello! It's me, 744! I haven't blogged in months, but i think it is now time that i start doing so again. Lately, I've been a little angsty, but hopefully that will wear off. I'm not as obsessed with autism as I used to be; I can now actually read the word "autism" without feeling adrenaline squirting across my body. But I'm still on for the advocacy, for the benefits of anyone not considered NT.