17 April 2008

A Mild Form of What?

(Picture is of a book cover, which reads: "The Bisexual Syndrome: A mild form of gayness" and has a review quote that reads: "A fascinating look into the world of the high-functioning homosexual.")

As per the forecast of the Autistic Bitch from Hell in this post.


dkmnow said...


Now, wait ... does that mean I'm an extreeemely high-functioning homosexual? Or am I just a low-functioning heterosexual? Oh, pleeeease, won't someone tell me how to define myself!

Seeing as any unlabeled lab-specimen get thrown in the incinerator...

geosaru said...

Your guess is as good as mine - I've been saying that these functioning labels can be confusing! :)

Ed said...

Now I'm really confused.
Of course my getting confused is often described as me being not smart enough to understand things but sometimes I think it has more to do with people who are decribed as smart people that I'm supposed to listen to (like the NY Times) saying not-so-smart things.

Maybe it's a matter of otherwise high functioning journalist (as they are refered to by what are consisidered the highEST functioning journalist) exhibiting what seems to me by what I consider jounalistic standards, practicing low funtioning jounalistic behavior....or in other words, " This book sounds really stupid."

abfh said...

Yeah, we could fill a whole bookshelf with this stuff:

"Teenagers: High-Functioning Children"

"Tomboyism: A Mild Form of Femaleness"

"Bilingualism: A Sub-category of Foreigner Syndrome"

"Suntan: A Disorder on the Blackness Spectrum"

Medical professionals just don't seem to grasp how offensive this stuff is. Maybe we should make up a new disorder for them, too.

geosaru said...


I'm not sure I understand your comment, but yes, you could also have a journalism spectrum, I suppose. :)

As to the hypothetical books, while yeah they sound like they'd be just awful, I'd almost want to buy one just so I can keep it as I would a novelty toy.

abfh: Yes, that would be the best bookshelf ever! Perhaps we should diagnose them with Mild Ignorance NOS?